The city-center storeModern local shopping facilities in the city center

Tailored to the city centerPerfectly integrated

Easily accessible and always there – our city-center stores provide local shopping facilities directly in city centers and blend in harmoniously with their surroundings. We use existing properties and buildings directly in the city center and integrate our stores in the urban landscape by merging modern architecture with the surrounding structures already in place.

Highlights of the city-center store The store for city centers

Our store concept is also suitable for smaller floor areas and Lidl is an attractive tenant with an excellent credit rating. By using existing buildings and adapting them architecturally, we bring Lidl stores to highly frequented city centers without changing the cityscape.

Key figures and requirementsLocation criteria

Our city-center store concept uses existing buildings and objects that are located directly in the city center. Together, we can find the right solution for your location.

freehold or leasehold.
Sales area:
from 600 m².
Other criteria:
lorry access essential for delivery purposes.

Your inquiry to usWould you like more information?

We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our city-center stores or any of our other store concepts. We look forward to hearing from you!